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The New England Mermaid & Siren Art P H O T O G R A P H Y By Chella Cross

A Little About Me

I always seemed to have a camera attached to me.  As a wife, Mom, Fur Mom and Gypsy Mermaid Traveler...I wanted to capture it all!  I'm a little crazy, a lot awkward (so if you worry about being are in good company).  I like to laugh a Lot! My Boys have always told me I am a little "Extra",  Which I like to think helps me in creating one of a kind Photos.  


At The New England Mermaid & Siren Art Photography, I offer a unique style of photography that captures more than just a moment in time. I love to travel and explore new places, capturing the beauty of the world, interesting people and the moments we share in it. 

My goal is to create lasting memories that evoke emotion and invoke a feeling of awe and wonder. Come join me on this wonderful journey of discovery.  Smile a little, laugh a lot and capture your moment in time.

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